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Regional Coordinators
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Introduction to The Seamaster Club
Founded 1992
President: Mrs Jane Wall

The Seamaster Club is essentially an owners club. It was founded in 1992 as a self-help group to provide a forum for the support and assistance of owners of boats built on Seamaster hulls and to encourage owners to use, maintain and enjoy their boats. The Club currently has almost 500 members across the UK, Ireland and Europe. The membership is supported by an enthusiastic Committee which meets about six times a year and takes an active interest in all the Club's affairs nationwide. Click here to see details of the Committee. The Club is always keen to hear from any member who would like to be nominated to join the committee.

Club Magazine: the Club magazine "Seamaster Lives On" is published every 2 months and reports on issues affecting boaters such as the changes in the Broads Authority, "red diesel", rising licence fees, revised weather forecasts, etc. It also contains technical tips, articles on boat maintenance and improvements, trade sources of supply and assistance, reports on events and details of the planned programmes ahead. There is a classified advertoisements section for members (non-members may advertise here for a small fee) covering boats and equipment for sale and wanted. Members also contribute articles of their own choice such as innovations, cruise reports, etc., and there is of course a "letters" page. Pages from a sample magazine are here.

Regional Coordinators: The Club is orgainised into regions in each of which we endeavour to maintain an Area Co-ordinator to provide a focal point for "local" members. These Coordinators have access to all of the Club's resources and technical know-how and facilitate feed-back of ideas, observations, problems, etc., to the Committee. Some organise local events for the members (see Events below). Foreign members also have a coordinator and can still contact any member of the Committee direct.

Events: Some of our regions hold events. These include a rally at Cookham (Thames Area) in the autumn. The Norfolk Broads and Great Ouse regions hold afloat rallies during the season and social evenings, pub lunches, and similar events both during the season and the off season. Several other areas now also organise local events for their members. Details of events can be seen in the diary pages. This is a very healthy trend that we of course encourage since it not only fosters a greater interest in the Club and a sort of "team spirit", it also provides an invaluable forum for the exchange of information, solutions to problems, ideas for the future, etc. Many new members join the Club at these sort of events.

Technical information: The club maintains comprehensive technical information about such aspects of the boats as original specifications, workshop manuals, etc., for engines and gearboxes, details of sources of supply (suppliers and / or manufacturers) for replacement parts or improvements. If you are undertaking repairs or improvements it is highly probable that another member will have carried out a similar task and be able to offer advice. Technical advice is also available, normally free of charge, to members of the Seamaster Club. Members will find details within the Members Only section of this web site. The Club encourages the free exchange of information about Seamaster boats, etc., and it is not unusual for committee members, other members, or suppliers to be contacted by club members seeking information and/or advice.

Merchandise / Club Regalia: The Club has its own range of clothing embroidered with the Seamaster Club logo. This includes polos, sweats, caps etc. Publications include boat reports on the Seamaster range and The Seamaster Story, being a history of Seamaster boats built at Great Dunmow, etc., and a description of each model. Other merchandise includes the club burgee and vinyl transfers of the Seamaster logos to go on the side of the boat.



Affiliated to the RYA (Royal Yachting Association)
Member of the ATYC (Association of Thames Yacht Clubs),
IWAI (Inland Waterways Association of Ireland),
GOBA (Great Ouse Boating Association)
and IWA (Inland Waterways Association)

Seamaster 17 Cub / Seamaster 20 Captain / Seamaster 21 / Seamaster 23 / Seamaster 24 Cadet / Seamaster 25 / Seamaster 26 / Seamaster 27
Seamaster 725 / Seamaster 8 metre / Seamaster 813 / Seamaster 28 / Seamaster 820 / Seamaster 30 / Seamaster 950 / Seamaster 34
Seamaster 23S / Seamaster 29 / Seamaster 815 / Seamaster 28 Sailer / Seamaster 925 / Seamaster 1125