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The original Seamaster Club Newsletter was started in the autumn of 1991. Its main purpose was to inform people of developments leading up to the actual formation of the Club. These embryonic issues were produced frequently between October 1991 and January 1992 and were created using Word Perfect 5.0 on a 286 computer, printing all copies on an HP Deskjet printer.
From this beginning as just a few pages of A4 produced on a computer printer it evolved, by Volume X, into a substantial 40-page A4 product before the format was changed to A5 and litho printing on chrome paper in mid 2001.
Shortly after that it was re-named "Seamaster Lives On" as the magazine of the Seamaster Club to reflect it's gradual change in format.
Voluimes 13 onwards are available to download virtually in full except for classified and trade adverts and some personal details. The main features in earlier issues are listed. If members wish to request an articles be made available through downloads, please feel free to do so.

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